Managed Medical Device IT

Device Information Maintenance and Support

 We've got you covered with maintenance and support packages designed to keep your device information systems up to date, deliver on change requests, perform integration testing for EMR upgrades and drive incidents toward resolution. Crew Clinical can support a wide-range of commercial solutions covering: 

  • EMR documentation and DICOM image integration systems
  • Clinical communication and voice platforms
  • Alarms management systems
  • Patient monitor surveillance and wireless telemetry networks
  • Device-data research warehouses
  • Nurse Call and clinical surveillance systems
  • Environmental monitoring and real-time location services


Cybersecurity & Business Resiliency

Stay in compliance with your organization risk mitigation and disaster recovery protocols.  

Crew Clinical can perform:

  • Device and application security patching
  • Routine system recovery and failover drills
  • 3rd party access audits

Asset and Maintenance Management - Boost your maintenance management system

  An orderly, standardized and up-to-date Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is the bedrock of modern Clinical Engineering service centers. Maintaining this tool is an ongoing effort to ensure input standards are met, workflows are optimized for efficiency, support entitlements are properly associated and inventory entries are reviewed for accuracy.  Count on CMMS Boost services to:

  • Actively review technician work order entry
  • Perform Routine database cleansing
  • Tackle complex mass data updates, migrations, merges and augmentation tasks
  • Prepare performance, forecast and utilization report


Technical Project Specialists


Holistic Expertise

The best outcome for your health care technology initiative requires a comprehensive project approach that takes into account both the physical demands of the medical equipment as well as the virtual requirements of underlying information systems.  Our project resources bring a unique set of hybrid expertise to deliver on your initiatives and delight your end users.  Contact Crew for resourcing your next:

  • Facility activation
  • Quality Assurance Support - Test script design, test system setup and scriptexecution
  • System integration, upgrade or migration
  • Roll-out of new medical equipment fleets - patient monitors, infusion pumps, RTLS and asset tracking systems
  • Device data and imaging integration

Strategic Programming


Key Performance Insight

Often success doesn't end at go-live.  Many initiatives require on going feedback, measurement and optimization to demonstrate persistent value to your organization.  

Partner with Crew for tailored Programs Management in:

  • Clinical Communications & Alarms Fatigue
  • Infusion Management
  • Device data analytics for care quality improvement and academic research
  • Cybersecurity and privacy compliance